We are veteran in the design and engineering of pressure vessels used as process equipments in various industries including but not limited to Oil & Gas (Offshore / Onshore) , chemical , Power , Nuclear and Water treatment . Our expertise on the use of various design and construction codes has given us the opportunity to become a part of various prestigious national and international projects including projects for European nations meeting all the Essential Safety Requirements of European Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC (PED) of the European parliament and of the council .

We provide services for designs of pressure vessels fully complying to the requirement of the following codes .

  • ASME Sec VIII, Div.1
  • ASME Sec VIII, Div.2
  • PD-5500

Code Tech has an expertise in the design and engineering of Tubular Heat Exchangers for all types of possible constructions like Fixed tube sheet , Floating Head /Tube sheet , U tube bundle and Kettle type . We provide services for designs & engineering of Heat Exchangers fully complying to the requirement of the following codes .

  • ASME Sec VIII, Div.1 / part UHX
  • TEMA
  • PD-5500

Storage Tanks have been in existence for thousands of years , storing all kinds of products that society has required to survive , However the design , engineering and construction have always been a complex and challenging task for the engineers till date . It requires both mechanical as well as civil and Structure engineering knowledge and Experience.

We at Code Tech are well versed and well acquainted with all such requirements to design the tanks from top to bottom ( Structure to mechanical to civil foundations ) . Thus providing a single point solution for the design & engineering for all types of storage tanks including Vertical cylindrical site welded / shop welded , Horizontal Above ground , Cylindrical Under ground single / double wall , Spherical and Rectangular tanks .

We use following design and construction codes for Storage tanks :

  • Vertical Above Ground(AGST): API-650/BS 2654/IS-803
  • Horizontal Storage Tank On Saddle(AGST):BS EN 12285-2/UL-48
  • Horizontal Storage Tank On Saddle(UGST):BS EN 12285-1/UL-48
  • Rectangular Tanks: Roark's equations and GEP
Our piping services includes but not limited to the following activities
  • Piping Layout
  • Pipe Routings[in 3D Cad Software(CAD WORK)]
  • Selection And Analysis Of Supports
  • Generation Of Plant GA In AutoCad
  • Generation Of Isometric Drawings(Required For Construction)
  • Complete BOM For Piping
  • Prepration Of Valve List And Valve Data Sheet
  • Pipe Thickness Calculation Per
    • ASME B 31.3: Process Piping
    • ASME B 31.3: Power Piping
    • ASME B 31.8: Gas Transmission And Distrubution Piping
  • Pipe Analysis On CAESAR-II

We also undertake electrical and instrumentaion soft service

Design and engineering of complete package for the skid based system

We provide the most economical and robust skid structure by doing detailed analysis of the skid structure coinsdering the worst lifting and operation condition including the effect of wind and seismic(during operating condition) and impact load during lifting.

After the skid memers have been analyzed 3D models are prepared to check the feasiblity of manufacturing. Once skid is prepared in 3D further placements of the items like vessels , piping and support starts( Through preliminary check for the location of members based on the locations of equipments is done before member analysis. The complete package is prepared on high end 3D software to ensure good and proper design and to minimize the human errors in assumptions and speculations for 2D sketches

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